"The Property Litigation Association (PLA) welcomed the chance to be involved in the production of the Boundary Disputes Protocol, which it fully supports as a means for tackling the all too common but frequently challenging field of boundary disputes.  In particular, the PLA recognises that the cost of such disputes – both legal costs but also the human cost in terms of damage to the relationship between neighbours - are often wholly out of proportion to the value of the land in question.  Therefore, the PLA is glad to see that the Protocol recommends that the parties and their advisers consider mediation and other forms of ADR at all key stages, and keep this and the possibility of further negotiation under constant review.  If followed, the Protocol should avoid the need for legislation and the cumbersome and ill-conceived mechanism that the current Property Boundaries (Resolution of Disputes) bill proposes."

Property Litigation Association

"The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators welcomes this, the second property protocol designed to assist the swift resolution of disputes in the property sector, avoiding wrangles over process as far as possible, and providing parties with useful direction and advice to focus the issues between them and thus minimise the extent, and cost, of their dispute.  We are particularly gratified to note that this valuable but free resource steers the parties towards dispute resolution by arbitration, and in particular by an expert appointed by the President of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators."

 The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators

 Improving the functioning of the sub-letting and assignment process can only benefit landlords and their customers. Added clarity should save time and money, better protect each party, and narrow the scope for disputes. I know from past experience that ease of sub-letting and assignment is also something Government puts emphasis on. I therefore really welcome this protocol and hope it will be the first of many that seek to map out best practice in our industry."

Liz Peace, Chief Executive of the British Property Federation

"The time is ripe for the legal and surveying professions to embrace the common sense embodied in these Protocols.  I am delighted that the Dispute Resolution Service of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors is now contributing to their further development and implementation.  The nature of the Protocols and the ADR mechanisms in them resonates with the pragmatic approach that DRS has taken to resolving disputes between landlords and tenants for forty years."

John Fletcher, RICS Global Director of Dispute Resolution

"We strongly support the proposal to agree to enter into arbitration in the case of disputes… Without the protocol put forward by the authors, the constant manipulation of procedure to avoid decision-making will continue to leave the courts as the only avenue for resolution"

Adam Foster and Howard Cooke, Surplus Property Solutions

a helpful and interesting new initiative

Commercial Leases

I recently read about the launch of the Property Protocols website...  I think it’s a very useful website

Howard Bottomley, Director, Tenant Assistance Program Limited

a useful reminder of how applications for consent to assign or sublet should be approached and, if its use becomes standard in the industry it may achieve its aim of speeding up the process of obtaining consent

Walker Morris LLP

I really want to see everybody jump aboard this

Polly Plunket-Checkemian, Partner, Head of UK Property & Asset Management, Cushman & Wakefield LLP

Both landlords and tenants might like to consider the recently published Protocol…  Anything that streamlines the process and helps the parties avoid the traps associated with consent applications should be welcomed

Pennington Manches

I think it is a great idea

Fraser Paskell, Greene & Greene

We congratulate Property Protocols on the excellent initiative to reduce friction and speed up legal processes.  This can only help to improve the quality of service received  by occupier customers of the industry