Useful Links

  • Dilapidations Protocol - a pre-action protocol for claims for damages in relation to the physical state of commercial property at the termination of a tenancy, formally adopted under the Civil Procedure Rules on 1 January 2012. 
  • Model Commercial Lease – a suite of documents comprises various template commercial leases and associated documents, available for anyone to download, without charge.
  • RealService Best Practice Group – industry group dedicated to improving customer service to occupiers and demonstrating the link between top quality property management and property performance. 
  • RICS Dispute Resolution Service – the world's largest provider of alternative dispute resolution services to the property and construction industries, appointing around 10,000 dispute resolvers per year.
  • Service Charge Code – an RICS code aimed at improving general standards and promoting best practice, uniformity, fairness and transparency in the management and administration of services charges in commercial property.
  • Tenant Assistance Program – an internet company that delivers commercial property portals where information can be stored, retrieved and analysed, allowing managing agents and occupiers to link, integrate and analyse data.